Thoughts on- ‘Alien: Covenant’

To be honest I rather enjoyed it. I thought there was a lot of reflection to the original 1979 Alien, but more updated and with new elements.

Sadly, Sigourney Weaver was no where to be found.

However, Katherine Waterston takes on the role. She does indeed discover this ‘fantastic’ beast and sadly she does indeed find it, or should I say fight it?
Instead of Newt we have Michael Fassbender, playing the role that Ian Holm played back in the 1979 classic, a generation of androids.
More Information on the cast can be found on their IMDB page.

When you see the Alien bursting onto screens, literally, I actually thought what a cute little fella. I’m not saying Baby Groot has competition, I’m just saying what a cutie. But of course, they grow up so fast, one minute they leave your tummy and the next thing you know they are 8ft tall and hate you.

The storyline is pretty similar to the original as shown in the trailer, People vs. Aliens. The question is will the people win? Or does everyone die and the alien’s takeover? Or something else? DUN DUN DUN.
Sadly, I cannot say too much about the movie without giving you the whole storyline.

But anyway,
I enjoyed it as it was similar to the original, even if it did have an edge to it. I did not want something so completely off course. We got a taste of something new, the original tale just updated.
I thought the CGI was great and the Alien itself looking similar to the original but more fresh and I guess in some senses realistic, even though it is indeed an Alien.
However, I personally did not feel any jump scares unlike the original classic. I think this one was more of a thriller rather than horror.

For your information, I stayed until the end credits and there was nothing at the end. Considering we now live in a time where staying through the entire credits is crucial business, but alas, there was nothing. Just so you are aware.

What are your thoughts? Comment below!

Decided to do a Youtube Vlog on Alien: Covenant!


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