The New Weapon of Choice

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Starting from 2012, The hollywood heroes made their stance with archery. For instance, Disney’s ‘Brave’ and ‘The Hunger Games’ were the main films (amongst others) that brought the bow and arrow onto the scene. Television shows similarly adapted this change and also included archery including crossbows with shows such as ‘Arrow’ and ‘The Walking Dead’.
These characters tended to be in the badass/hero category and all had elements of archery as their weapon.


2016 has brought the Villains onto the scene. But what is their weapon of choice?..
The Baseball Bat.

So those in the ‘villain’ category, or perhaps the individual who is technically evil but you can’t help but love them!, are swinging away!

The Walking Dead introduced a new character, Negan and his weapon Lucille, a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire.

Or perhaps Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn and her baseball bat.
What other films or TV Shows will follow this trend?


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