SPOILERS: The Walking Dead Season Finale

First of all, I absolutely love The Walking Dead it is probably my favourite TV show since their pilot episode. 

Now as I live in the UK the finale aired today and not yesterday like in America. So I spent all day avoiding social media so that I would not receive a single spoiler. Now that I have watched it I just need to have a rant at all the chaos that occurred. 

If you have not seen the episode then the blog ends here. Go watch it!

*Spoilers Alerts*

I want to just share my favourite moments of the episode:

  1. I was not expecting the garage clan to turn on them. I did think they were creepy with the way they kept mentioning ‘winning’ but they are very odd in their speech so I just assumed they were being their usually selves. When BAM, evil garbage people! 
  2. Sasha, I saw this coming. It’s always hard to see a character go who has been there for many seasons. The start of the episode you know what was going to happen to her however, the way she chose to go was spectacular and bought the group more time. 
  3. Carl, stepping up and firing the first shot. Who knew that little kid trying to catch frogs in season 1 was going to be such as badass.

  4. But obviously every battle scene has that secret random other group uniting and saving the day. Shout out to the Kingdom and Hill Top. 
  5. Shiva. Ok the cat stole the show. The big cat I may add. When Negan and Lucille were bonding BAM, kitty comes flying through the air and caused quite the scene. I think what is more funny is that the people who did not know the King had a tiger and then were just like ‘WTF is a tiger doing here?’ 
  6. My favourite line ever:
    When Negan sees Maggie.
    Negan: “That Widow is alive, guns blazing!” 

My reaction when I saw Shiva-

Of course it is unrealistic, there’s a blooming tiger knowing what to do, but remember it’s a TV show about a zombie apocalypse. 

What did you guys think? Please comment!


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