Harry Styles Rumoured Album Debut

2016 was a One Directionless year. However, a majority of the guys released solo music or even started making it in the film industry – which kept the fans going! But now, news has dropped!
Let’s go crazy crazy crazy, because according to numerous rumours, people think that Harry Styles debut album or single will be released April 7th, according to CapitalFM.


The other date that is causing One Direction fans to have a heart attack is April 15th, the date Mr Styles is on Saturday Night Live (SNL) hopefully performing a track from his album. This was announced from Saturday Night Live’sĀ Twitter page stating that Harry Styles will be on the show as well as Jimmy Fallon- this combination could not be more perfect.

giphy (2)

2017 seems to be Harry’s year, with his debut album rumoured to be approaching next week, we also have his movie debut in Christopher Nolan’s ‘Dunkirk’ this Summer.


P.s Enjoy all the One Direction puns- I couldn’t help myself.


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