Thoughts on: Logan (SPOILERS)


SPOILERS ALERT– Do not read on!

As you can see from the second trailer released above Wolverine is facing another battle. The fans are well aware, it’s the last one, the last one with Hugh Jackman. However, he is not alone, this time he is accompanied by an 11 year-old girl, Laura, and she is no damsel in distress.

Previous trailers of ‘Logan’ revealed that Wolverine is not what he used to be. Instead of healing from each wound and looking the same regardless of the years passing, Logan seems to be struggling, he looks older and his healing process is faulty. Every fight you see Logan becoming weaker, he’s ill. However, he continues to battle is way through a world that do not want mutants.

Wolverine is playing the hero (unwillingly), protector of mutants as well as a nurse to Professor X. Professor X  is very ill and his mind has grown to powerful for him to control which results in injuring those around him. Logan and Laura have to fight the battle to contain Professor X as well as fighting for their survival and protecting other mutants. Although Logan is trying to get Laura to safety, they are also partners when it comes to fighting.


A more heart-to-heart story starts to unfold throughout the movie, with Laura’s mutation and also the healing powers you start to wonder about the gene pool…
Well nothing beats father and daughter bonding like decapitating and killing those trying to wipe out your kinds existence.

The movie is spectacular, a hero and heroine side by side battle. Leaving the audience very emotional to see Hugh Jackman as Wolverine one last time.

Hugh Jackman gave the world a Wolverine to always remember.




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