Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Is it though? Is it the final chapter? Remember this is Hollywood, there will be a Resident Evil 37 called “The Actual Final Chapter”. The truth of the matter is that many 90’s kids grew up watching Resident Evil. Growing up with a female lead kick-ass zombie killer was probably one of the best role models to grow up with because A) These days everyone imagines there being a zombie apocalypse and what they would do and B) There was not that many female leads like this one, sure there were others, but this was different.

The iconic parts of Resident Evil are all the zombie scenes and Alice flying around decapitating them or ending them in the most bad-ass way possible. I mean when you look back to ‘Resident Evil: Apocalypse’ (The 2nd movie) and she flies through a church window on a motorcycle, drives it into a zombie mutant, Alice jumps off the bike in time to fire bullets at the gas tank and cause an explosion, killing the mutant and saving those inside the church…I mean what an entrance!

As the series of movies go on the zombies and the virus is mutating. Some zombies are being experimented on, becoming smarter, later on the zombies know how to use weapons as well as drive cars – ‘Resident Evil: Retribution’ (The 5th movie/ previous one). Towards the end of ‘Retribution’ you see that the world is taken over, some of these zombie mutants are flying creatures that are gigantic or other creepy beasts waiting to eat you and as Retribution ends – with Alice and her surviving friends (from previous movies) at The White House in Washington D.C. you are faced with the army of the undead- zombies and creatures all battling towards the White House. Which left the audience just like ‘Oh Sweet Jesus”.
This begins the opening to this movie, Resident Evil: Final Chapter.


The film starts with Alice talking she looks like she is lying on the ground dying as she states that it’s the end, the end of the story.

This then leads to the movies storyline which starts to tell the story of a young girl with an illness which was taking her life, her father created a cure which saved the girls life, however she would age a lot quicker. Her father was a member of Umbrella along with the two other members of  Umbrella (who have been seen through-out the storyline)- Dr. Isaacs and Wesker who we see through-out the storyline. You know the guys who keep trying to test Alice’s capabilities and also murder her.
As the drug saved the girls life, umbrella wanted to start selling it. However, after it was being reported of the negative side effects of the drug (very negative side effects), the father wanted to shut it down. Of course this resulted in Dr. Isaacs disagreeing and led to him murdering the girls father. The girl then had a large share in the company as she took her fathers place and had a significant role in the company, Umbrella.

Yup that’s right! You can smell the twist from here.

Anyway.. Here are the main criticisms:
1) The twist practically being given to you on a plate at the very start of the movie is probably the biggest critique.
2) As mentioned at the start of this post, the previous movie ‘Resident Evil: Retribution’ ends with Alice and whats left of America’s military facing the gigantic army of the undead right at the door of The White House. The problem is that this movie starts with that war being over. As Alice wakes up in the destruction that had taken place possibly the night before. So the film takes place after that war.
3) Alice is  notified by the red queen from the Hive that there is a cure to end the apocalypse. Therefore, the film focuses on the battle between Alice and Umbrella. The criticism is the lack of zombie fight scenes. There are a few and there are zombies involved in this movie, however they tend to be in the background with scenes mainly focusing on Alice and Umbrella. The main concern is Umbrella. The zombies tend to be just background noise.
The movie ends with a.. “is it the final chapter.. is it?”

Time will tell.

What are your thoughts? Comment below


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