Thoughts On: La La Land

This post will focus on the storyline of La La Land and how it is a must see!

La La Land won ‘Best Original Score’, ‘Best Screenplay of a Motion Picture’ and ‘Best Musical or Comedy Motion Picture’ at this years Golden Globes (2017). The movie is written and directed by Damien Chazelle and stars Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling and John Legend. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling both won Golden Globes for best actor and best actress with Chazelle winning best director.

The opening of the movie begins with people stuck in traffic on a freeway in Los Angeles. Thus begins the movies opening number involving the people in the traffic jam to dance and sing. The song starts by a young women singing which tells the story of a young women striving to be an actress and dreaming of being on the big screen and a relates back to a lover of hers when she was 17. The song states that her old lover may turn on the TV and see her and remember that they used to know each other. The lyrics state how she is chasing her dream and wanting to succeed. Furthermore, the song becomes a duet with a young man. The man shows the male perspective from the women’s story and his lyrics focus on his passion for music and how he wants people to hear his songs which inspires himself to keep pursuing his dreams.
As the song ends the camera focuses on a young man, the male lead, Sebastian (Ryan Gosling), sitting in his car. Then switches to Mia (Emma Stone), the female lead and relating to the female perspective in the opening song. Implying that the opening number is almost singing the movies story on what is about to happen between Seb and Mia, but the audience has to wait and see.

The movie is in some sense a reminder to the classic style of Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney but with a modern touch, giving a more present-day feel to relate to todays audience.  The movie highlights the problems of fighting for a relationship as well as striving for a career which gives the story a relatable touch.
Seb plays a passionate Jazz musician who is very protective of Jazz music and is saddened that the love of Jazz is dying out. He is struggling to pay his bills and takes gigs like playing christmas classics in a restaurant and later being involved in an awkward 80’s pop cover band.
In comparison, Mia works as a barista in a coffee shop on the Warner Brothers lot, whilst auditioning for numerous small roles in movies and television.

Soundtrack and choreography are both spectacular and beautiful to watch and listen too. ‘City of Stars’ is a song that is played throughout the movie, in numerous different scenes. The movie shows its perception of time by stating which season it is, be it Winter or summer the camera switches to focus on palm trees against the sky, joking that the weather in Los Angeles is always warm and unchangeable where as Mia and Seb’s life is constantly changing.

The final scene states that it is five years later in Seb and Mia’s life. Seb is playing City of Stars and you are shown of their lives together and as the song ends so does the movie, revealing what happens with Seb and Mia’s careers and their relationship. 

La La Land is dazzling, sad, happy and highly relatable to its audience of the struggles of maintaining a relationship but also striving for a successful career.
It is nostalgic to past musical movies but with an up-to-date style to relate to today’s generation.

What are your thoughts on La La Land?


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