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Recently Talk Shows in America have been taking it up a notch!
Usually, the content on a talk show includes topics surrounding society, celebrities and politics which also feature celebrity guests in order for them to discuss and advertise the movie or  album according to the Los Angeles Times.

Recently the ratings in Talk Shows have increased dramatically due to the content being shared on Youtube (Los Angeles Times) and the hosts/ celebrity guests tend to share these Youtube videos on their own personal Twitter accounts.

jimmy fallon.png
Taken from Jimmy Fallon’s Twitter page.

James Corden, a British Actor, is now the host of the Late Late show, taking over from Craig Ferguson and he has brought his own segments which are rather forward thinking to attract more viewers with his famous segment called ‘Carpool Karaoke’. This involves Corden to drive around in an SUV with a famous guest usually a singer to sing their famous tracks with the theme of the guest helping Corden get to work. The singer, Justin Bieber has done the Carpool twice already, with his first ride having over 97 million views on Youtube since May 2015.

Recently James Corden has added a new segment, a game called ‘Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts’ which has the ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’ touch, by asking the guest a difficult question and if they do not answer they have to eat the repulsive ‘meal’ from the table. The table has previously had various different things the person can eat such as: Bird saliva, cows tongue, grasshoppers, calf’s brain, amongst other cringeworthy ‘edibles’. Previous guests of this new game include Kendall Jenner, Mila Kunis and Niall Horan which have roughly 5-9 million views since starting in September 2016.

Jimmy Fallon has numerous different games on his show, including the ‘Lip Sync Battle’, where he and his guests have a competition on who can lip sync to a song of their choice better. This game was so popular it now has it’s own television show where celebrities go against each other in a lip sync battle which usually involves the actual song singer features with the mimer.


Other games by Fallon include ‘Box of Lies’, where the guest go head to head against Fallon, pick a box, and tell the truth of what is inside or lie and the opponent has to guess whether they are telling a lie or the truth. Jimmy Fallon’s Games have been discussed further by US Magazine.

Fallon’s show also includes sketches, which reminds his audience of his days on the popular US show, Saturday Night Live. Some of sketch’s on his show such as ‘Real People, Fake Arms’ are where is guest (actor/ singer), replace their arms with a mannequins and they try to act out a particular scene, which highly uses their hands and they have to act natural. For instance, Miley Cyrus took part in this sketch and her character was a nail technician.

Watch the video below


According to the Los Angeles Times Talk Shows target people around the age of 18+ and using games may allow them to engage with a younger audience. Therefore it could be argued that by adopting more comedy segments with games and sketch shows and posting these snippets on social media it aims to attract a younger demographic. 

Has a Talk Show game made you share or watch the show more often? Comment below!



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  1. Great post, James Corden definitely makes the show more interesting. The host definitely plays a part in the success of the show I think

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  2. prcommsblog says:

    Great post! Very engaging. Corden is very interesting, very talented.

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