The Darkest Hour (2017)

The Darkest Hour is a movie that’s current status is in ‘pre-production’ according to the films IMDB page. However, Social media sites such as Twitter have numerous Tweets as some of the scenes were filmed at the University of Greenwich and The Old Navy College (As you can see from the photo below).


The movie is directed by Joe Wright, a multiple BAFTA nominee as well as a Golden Globe nominee, who is well-known for directing Pride & Prejudice (2005) and Atonement (2007). The writer-screenplay is by Anthony McCarten, BAFTA winner for the Best Adapted Screenplay for the ‘Theory of Everything’ (2014).
The actors include Gary Oldman, Lily James and Ben Menderlsohn (amongst others). IMDB

According to their IMDB page, the film focuses on the early days of World War II and Winston Churchill’s charge against Hitler’s army.
“In 1940, Britain is pounded and on the verge of losing to Germany. Days into his new job, Prime Minister Winston Churchill is under pressure to make a deal with Hitler that will establish Britain as a puppet state of the Third Reich. His army stranded in Dunkirk, Churchill instead summons the courage to fight on” this is the storyline from

The movie is set to be released November 2017.