The Walking Dead Season 7 – What Went Down!

*Spoiler Alert* This contains MAJOR spoilers of Season 7’s Premiere Episode


Season 7 picks up from the torturous Season 6 finale and we are back viewing the new threat, Negan and his lovely bat covered in barbed wire named Lucille, as we await to see which one of our beloved characters meets their brutal end.

Greg Nicotero, the executive producer, told fans that the victim would be revealed in the first episode of Season 7. After a 6 month-long hype, fans were not disappointed when Negan smacked Lucille on Abraham’s head. After Negan’s first swing, Abraham said “suck my nuts” before the multiple swings followed and beloved Abraham was no more.

Another character favourite, Daryl Dixon, manages to get up and throws a punch at Negan. Throwing back to the Season 6 finale, when Glenn steps out of line as Negan mentions putting Maggie out her misery, Glenn dives in to save her. Glenn is ushered back in line and Negan said “Listen, don’t any of you do that again, I will shut that shit down no exceptions”.

As Daryl is dragged back in line, Negan keeps his word and this then leads to the iconic graphic novel death, and unfortunately the second and final death of the opening episode, Glenn meets Lucille.

Having seen Abraham go down and then Glenn to follow. Fans stared at the screen in shock of what just happened. Once Lucille is removed from Glenn’s head, the special effects reveal Glenn’s skull split with blood raining down his face and his left eye-ball bulging from its socket as he mutters Maggie’s name.

The shock and brutality of Glenn’s death was even more disturbing when the camera showed Maggie’s reaction to her husbands torturous final moments.

As if the sound of Lucille colliding with Glenn’s skull was not enough the episode continued to escalate when Negan asked Rick to cut off Carl’s arm.

Thankfully when Rick proved his loyalty to Negan, by picking up his axe and showing that he would indeed dismember his son, Carl was allowed to keep both arms and also his life.

Furthermore, Negan then states that they are all loyal to him and to give him half of what is theirs at Alexandria. Negan and his Saviors leave and Rick and his members pick up their fallen comrades to take back home to Alexandria.

The episode then switches to all the members of Alexandria having a lovely lunch accompanied by Abraham, Glenn and also Glenn and Maggie’s unborn-child.

The opening episode highlights the horror of the Season to follow. The characters have faced challenges before such as the war with Governor over the prison, Gareth and the cannibals of Terminus. But now we are faced with Negan, Lucille and his Saviors.

Negan has evidently proved that it’s his word or nothing with no mercy for anyone or anything.

Now the fans are left wondering how our beloved characters will survive with Negan as their new leader.


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